Olympian wins his way into girls’ hearts


Lauren Tierney, Staff Writer

Twenty-year-old Canadian Olympic snowboarder Mark McMorris is the new sensation among teenage girls.

Junior Sarah Anderson put it bluntly when she said, “I fell in love with Mark McMorris the moment I first saw him on TV, he is the most attractive guy I have ever seen in my entire life.”

Mark McmorrisMcMorris recently won the Bronze in the winter Olympics on Feb. 8, and weeks before that won his second consecutive gold medal at the X-Games slopestyle contest on Jan. 26.

Many Carlmont girls find McMorris attractive for not only his looks, but the little fear he has on the slopes. At the end of January, McMorris injured himself at the X-Games, suffering from broken ribs just weeks before he received a medal in the Winter Olympics.

Junior Toni Lupillin said, “He did a really good job and snowboarding myself I already found him attractive so when he got to the bottom and when he took his goggles off he was so attractive, I then fell in love him.”

McMorris’s humble upbringing from Regina, Saskatchewan has made his down to earth personality all the more likable.

Sophomore Gabriella Lehr said, “Along with him being successful at such a young age, I love him because he seems like he has such a good personality based off of his interviews and is super likeable. He doesn’t have the traditional personality of most famous people, he seems like a very genuine person.”

Junior Megan Guillermo said, “I think what makes him so appealing to girls is the fact that he’s only 20 years old, so he’s kind of around our age. Plus in his event they showed this long segment about him and his life so he also became known through that personal aspect.”

McMorris has been receiving worldwide titles in snowboarding since when he became pro at only 16-years-old. He has already greatly surpassed the records of pro snowboarder Shaun White at the X-Games and Olympics leaving much to be expected of him in the future.

Having already won over the hearts of so many teens McMorris’ fan base can only grow from here.