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The food industry is plotting against us, one fake blueberry at a time

The food industry is plotting against us, one fake blueberry at a time

November 15, 2014

Consuming enough servings of fruit was already challenging enough before it began deceiving us. We are encountering an interesting situation where we are being bombarded with...

Sweet justice in the chocolate industry

Sweet justice in the chocolate industry

September 16, 2014

For almost two decades, major chocolate companies have maintained a lower price level by sourcing their cocoa from plantations that use slave labor. Now, something is finally b...

Ariana’s grand entry into the music industry

December 13, 2013

Since the age of 13, Ariana Grande had been a performer. From her first broadway show to voiceovers, to the hit-series Victorious, Grande finally landed herself in the music in...

Music piracy good for Industry

April 2, 2013

Piracy is widely regarded as the bane of the music industry. Those sentiments are most often spouted by big record labels and advertising agencies who seek to maintain the status quo that is rapidly crumbling around them. From a consumer standpoint, piracy is great. Free music, average sound quality, and minimal work to download songs. The current arrangement,however, with sales from record...

Rainbows revolutionize sandal industry

Rainbows revolutionize sandal industry

February 26, 2012

rainbow sandals It's warming up in Belmont, and for many kids at Carlmont that means bringing out the flip flops. Although many different brands of flip flops are worn, a very common and trendy kind you...

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