Ariana’s grand entry into the music industry

Arianas grand entry into the music industry

Iris Berber, Staff Writer

Since the age of 13, Ariana Grande had been a performer. From her first broadway show to voiceovers, to the hit-series Victorious, Grande finally landed herself in the music industry this past spring.

With comparisons to legendary vocalists such as her idols, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, Grande is expected by many to become the “next big thing.”

albumWhen Grande released her single, “The Way” featuring artist, Mac Miller, her vocal talent became recognized as of March 2013 as she climbed her way to the top of the music charts.

Senior Evan McClain stated, “She has a really nice voice and I think she can really grow into it and be great.” Grande has incorporated different genres into her music and aims to attract various audiences and gain recognition for her own unique style.

However, celebrity drama recently set in when Solange Knowles had innocently been complimented via twitter on her own imitation of Mariah Carey-esque vocals. Knowles accepted this comparison with gratitude and additionally tweeted back, “No one is better at this [imitation] than Ariana Grande tho.”

Fans of both artists debate whether Knowles’ response was a diss or merely admiration toward Grande. Regardless, throughout her newly blossoming career, Grande has undoubtedly accumulated a large fan base.

Grande has consistently maintained a personal relationship with her fans especially over social media websites such as twitter: racking up to nearly 12 million followers, Grande has often communicated and participated in live chats with her fans.

Despite Grande’s growing fandom, some are not as interested in the hype that surrounds the artist. “She does have a good voice but her music is overplayed and not really my style,” said senior Jenny Chen. “She just doesn’t interest me,” she added.

Along with her somewhat newly released album that debuted in August, “Yours Truly,” and performance at the American Music Awards, fans standby to see which way Grande’s vocal artistry may take her.