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Students sit tight during long block period. They are able to focus on their work and get help if needed.

Block schedule leaves students restless

April 20, 2018

The  block schedule weeks that took place between March 20 and April 19 have prompted many different opinions from students. Carlmont made a temporary change in its schedu...

Children that are more commonly appraised by their parents are twice as likely to develop narcissism .

Kids need to learn that life isn’t fair

November 14, 2017

"Everyone's a winner." "You did your best." "It's not about winning." "That's unfair." Yes, life isn't fair. We live in a society, especially in the Bay Area, where...

Carlmont's varsity volleyball team goes to gather their belongings after a loss to Pitman High School.

Varsity volleyball’s long journey comes to an end

December 1, 2015

It was just another game for the Carlmont varsity volleyball team. Just with one exception -- the end of the season was on the line. On Nov. 24, the Scots made the three-hour...

A crowd of students gathers to buy lunch right after the bell rings.

Students endure long waits for food

October 6, 2015

The first few minutes after the lunch bell rings feature a common sight: people running out of their classrooms toward the lunch line. If they don’t get there in time, they know th...

Senior Nisha Aeri reads lyrics while listening to music through her hot pink headphones.

Unwinding after a long day through song writing

March 18, 2015

Three minutes is all that it takes. Senior Nisha Aeri has used music and composing to cope with stress all her life. Aeri writes lyrics to express her inner feelings about all...

Long preparation for homecoming assembly pays off

Long preparation for homecoming assembly pays off

October 24, 2013

The Scots were treated to an eye-opening performance by dance teams, the cheerleading team, football players, the chamber choir, and Carlmont Drumline before the most highly antic...

High-waisted shorts

Long pants to short shorts

April 10, 2013

With temperatures rising to about 80 degrees this week, it is finally time to put away the Uggs and sweatshirts, and take out the summer clothes. High-waisted shorts are the new style of shorts that will be worn a lot this spring and upcoming summer season...

The timeless things are two hours long: those classic movies that will remain in our hearts forever

February 27, 2013

“There are some things in this world that will never change," said Morpheus in The Matrix. Like in Morpheus’s world, many things in ours survive untouched by the test of time. One of these time-traveling juggernauts is The Movie. Some movies are timeless; they are everlasting with a message to be shared. Freshman Alex Lay commented, “Star Wars is a timeless movie because the themes apply ...

Long.Live.A$AP released Jan 15 2013

A$AP Rocky debut studio album Long.Live.A$AP released

January 15, 2013

Contemporary wisdom says hype begets hype. Harlem-native Rakim Meyers, known to millions as A$AP Rocky, knows all too well that hype builds upon itself. His impossibly mature and r...

As Long as a Flame

May 24, 2011

Dwindling hours divide The daylight Once achieved memories and momentary passions Act as praise to the needy soul, building What is to become the foundation of our lives How many times can we decide to pray or write When the Lone Madrone feeds our Manta Chops of acceptability reveal, bringing light to the subject Tens of thousands of twisting twines define us So how can we choose one...

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