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Foods high in fat are a common occurrence in American society. As a result, stereotypes surrounding these types of foods are also abundant.

Editorial: Fat isn’t the villain you think it is

November 7, 2019

“Fat is bad for you.” We hear it every day. Whether we’re told by society or by our parents, it’s a never-ending cycle meant to instill fear of fat and a desire to avoi...

Melody Liu, a junior, helps Lou Bao, a senior, with his homework at lunch.

Model-minority stereotype impacts the lives of Asian-American students

January 30, 2019

“All Asians are smart." This statement is a well-known assumption that is found to be the center of many stereotypical jokes. However, what seems like a light-hearted jest...

Poor reporting leads to false label of Carlmont

Poor reporting leads to false label of Carlmont

April 1, 2017

In spite of what news reports say, Carlmont is not anti-Semitic. The recent uproar over the chalk swastikas that were drawn by the bleachers and outside the gym, partnered with a...

The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.