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The instructor teaching one his students how to deal with various forms of harassment.

Women’s self-defense class teaches safety

March 27, 2019

March, the women’s history month, saw the popularization of events that made the public more aware of the daily problems that women have to face. One of the main problems women ...

Specially designed t-shirts serve as uniforms for students who deliver sandwiches for Lunch in a Pickle Club.

Micro-business on campus teaches management and organizational skills

January 29, 2019

Carlmont is home to around 125 clubs. But what makes Lunch in a Pickle Club stand out is that it doesn't act as a club. It acts as a micro-business. Lunch in a Pickle Club...

Annika Nambiar’s Gold Award teaches the Carlmont Community about Human Trafficking

September 26, 2018

On September 20, 2018 Annika Nambiar presented her Girl Scout Gold Award to the Carlmont Community. Her gold award was about human trafficking and she brought in various speakers...

During their latest meeting in D22, the Investment Club discussed loans and insurance.

Investment Club teaches students to invest in their future

May 10, 2018

High school students often complain that they were taught that mitochondria is the power house of the cell but not taught how to do taxes. Carlmont students took initiative in promoting financial literacy and started an...

Richie Rasor tells kids about what Tesla is doing to help the environment.

Mechanical engineer teaches students about clean energy

February 13, 2018

A mechanical engineer from Tesla Solar visited Carlmont on Feb. 9 to teach students the benefits of clean energy and how Tesla is making a difference in the green industry. Th...

Welcome Back assembly teaches students to choose love

September 27, 2016

Houston Kraft came to Carlmont to speak about kindness at the annual Welcome Back assembly.

Mr. Nguyen in his classroom

Former war refugee now teaches chemistry

October 15, 2014

Hai Nguyen escaped from the communist regime of Vietnam and now teaches chemistry at Carlmont High School. When Nguyen was growing up, he lived in a tent in a war refugee camp...

ASB poses together for Carlmont's last day of spirit week.

ASB teaches important skills for life

June 2, 2014

Carlmont's ASB offers not only many opportunities to become involved in Carlmont's community, but the course also teaches students many skills that can be applied outside of school. ASB...

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