Investment Club teaches students to invest in their future


Taya Yakovenko

During their latest meeting in D22, the Investment Club discussed loans and insurance.

Taisiia Yakovenko, Staff Writer

High school students often complain that they were taught that mitochondria is the power house of the cell but not taught how to do taxes.

Carlmont students took initiative in promoting financial literacy and started an Investment Club.

“The purpose of this club is to inform students about topics related to finance and investment options,” said Katia Deynega, a junior and the president of the club. “We welcome anyone who wants to learn more about their financial future.”

The club meets every Wednesday to discuss various topics, mostly related to finance. The meetings usually last for about 20 minutes. The students spend that time listening to the presentation that was meant to inform them about a topic that the club decided to focus on during that meeting.

“Although we mostly focus on investments, this club is for any student that wants to learn more about the economy,” said Deynega. “We are specifically geared towards investing money because it’s an easy thing that you can do at any age in order to raise your funds.”

Students are taught the most basic principles of economy and the financial world. The club is geared towards making sure that every students learn something about a topic that they did not know a lot about before.

“I did not know much about investment since Carlmont does not have a specific class that teaches that,” said Iris Wu, a junior. “I like the information that is presented to us. I learned skills that I can apply to my life so the club is not boring.”

Although a club does hold a meeting every Wednesday, most of their activities are to be completed outside of those meetings.

According to Wu, “One thing that I would like to change about this club is how we spend the time applying the knowledge that we learned. I would like to see more practical application in the club rather than outside of it.”

The club strives to promote financial literacy through educating any student that is interested in learning more about the topics related to finance.

“You can learn a lot of useful things by being a part of this club,” said Sakina Bambor, a junior. “The topics are really easy to understand because they are explained thoroughly.”