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The power of medical placebos is in the way they blend in, looking like a pill rather than  something else in order to trick the mind into believing that it is medication.

Mind before matter

January 21, 2020

Relief beyond measure.  All the pain, gone. All the worries, evaporated.  But what could have caused this kind of change? What new science was at work inside the body, spreading...

Therapy dog Pepper patiently waits for more students to pet her.

Therapy dogs entertain students one wag at a time

December 8, 2018

With final exams looming, lunchtime on Dec. 7 was a great opportunity to help students relax and destress. Four therapy dogs from the Pet Assisted Therapy Program convened in the Carlmont quad for students to interact...

Juniors Maya Paulo and Casey Costello gather around therapy dog Mariana.

Therapy dogs brighten students’ days

December 13, 2015

With the stress of finals looming over Carlmont students, many stress levels have peaked. Carlmont ASB decided to bring in trained therapy dogs to help relieve the pressure of...

ScotCenter: Therapy Dogs Visit During Dead Week – Elena Mateus

December 11, 2015

On Dec. 10 at lunch, SPCA service dogs were brought to Carlmont's Quad for students to interact with to relieve stress before finals. Elena Mateus reports the story.

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