Therapy dogs brighten students’ days


Izzy Mitchell

Juniors Maya Paulo and Casey Costello gather around therapy dog Mariana.

Nicole del Cardayre, Staff Writer

With the stress of finals looming over Carlmont students, many stress levels have peaked. Carlmont ASB decided to bring in trained therapy dogs to help relieve the pressure of finals.

On Dec. 10, five therapy dogs were brought into the quad at Carlmont during lunch to help encourage students to persevere through dead week and finals week.

Madeline Palacin, the owner of one of the therapy dogs, Mariana, has been working with therapy dogs for seven years. She believes that the dogs are very beneficial towards the students stress and relief, and will help benefit the mindset of the students.

“These dogs are very intuitive and help people relieve the pressure of what they have going on in their lives. I have seen these dogs brighten people’s days many times,” said Palacin.

Mariana, Palacin’s dog, was originally trained as a seeing-eye dog. However, her energetic personality exceeded the needs of a seeing-eye dog, and Mariana began to train as a therapy dog.

With the crowds around the therapy dogs, students seemed to have enjoyed the fun and interactive lunch enhancement.


Liam Gunning, a sophomore at Carlmont High School, thought the therapy dogs were very beneficial and a fun aspect to enhance the day.

“They helped make my day better because I had a terrible headache, but it went away relatively fast once I pet the dogs,” said Gunning.

This is the second time ever Carlmont has brought therapy dogs to campus during lunch. In the past, the dogs proved effective and drastically brightened people’s days.


Jade Sebti, from the human relations committee of Carlmont ASB, was very proud of the outcome of the event.

“The therapy dogs are great at [making people less stressed], and I’m so happy that we have them here today!” said Sebti.