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Hearing other people rejoice over their acceptances is terrifying when you've just gotten rejected.

Keep your colleges to yourself

March 25, 2015

I have never been a big fan of awkward situations. I don't try to make small talk with people I don't know, I never send food back at restaurants, and I always text people instead...

Many students set their hearts on one school; in the next few weeks, they find out whether they got in or not.

Focusing on yourself during the college admissions process

March 16, 2015

As college admissions decisions are being released throughout the month, along with that comes the same questions and conversations. It is inevitable of course; all the seniors...

Every step of high school leads to one finding their identity, such as picking future classes.

Finding yourself in high school

March 11, 2015

‘I sat alone on the quad steps at freshman orientation.’ ‘It seemed everyone had gone to school together before and already had a group of friends’ ‘Who was I?...

Love yourself, not thigh gaps

Love yourself, not thigh gaps

October 3, 2014

Are you sick of listening to girls wish for thigh gaps? Boys kicking themselves because their stomachs resemble kegs more closely than a six-packs? Young women feeling insecure because...

College pamphlets, SAT scores, and AP classes can all be very stressful for a senior.

Senior year: take some time for yourself

October 2, 2014

Senior year is the best year of high school. It's when you get to relax, hang out with your friends, make fun of the freshmen, and fantasize about moving far, far away. Right?...

How to Survive High School Day 20: Be yourself

How to Survive High School Day 20: Be yourself

September 23, 2013

Throughout all of high school, but especially for underclassmen, it is important to be yourself. Even though there may be peer pressure to fit into the social norm, being yourself...

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