Focusing on yourself during the college admissions process

Many students set their hearts on one school; in the next few weeks, they find out whether they got in or not.

Arianna Bayangos

Many students set their hearts on one school; in the next few weeks, they find out whether they got in or not.

Arianna Bayangos, Scot Scoop News Editor

As college admissions decisions are being released throughout the month, along with that comes the same questions and conversations.

It is inevitable of course; all the seniors who applied to four year universities have been waiting for a letter in the mail or an admissions decision on college portals for the past few months.

Everyone wants to know where everyone else got accepted to and where they are going to school for the next four years.

Many students ask one another where they got in. There are also comments about other people regarding their acceptances, surprised that that person got into that one school when someone else didn’t.

Questions and conversations that arise may sometimes make the whole process seem like a competition especially since some are comparing their acceptances and rejections with other people.

While in reality, the process is all about that individual student. Right now, it of course seems stressful because while there are good news and acceptances, there can also be a handful of rejections from schools. In addition, some students find themselves not getting into that one school that they thought was the perfect fit.

But for seniors , it’s an exciting time; we are all in the beginning process of starting a new chapter in our lives.

Getting cut up in where everyone else gets accepted to and rejected to is unnecessary to think about and may cause students to be unhappy about their options. It’s stressful enough to decide which university to go to, and being occupied in other people’s business will just cause unnecessary stress and unhappiness.

At the end of the day, the only person whose options and final decision that truly affects you is yourself.

The fact that someone is going to an Ivy League or a community college doesn’t determine whether or not he or she will have a better or worse experience in college than you will.

So, seniors- I would advise you to focus on yourself during this time and try to make the best decision that will make you happy.