Technology changing the lives of people with disabilities

Disabled child using iPad

Disabled child using iPad

Gabriela d'Souza, ScotCenter Editor-in-Chief

Disabled child using iPad

Many people view technology as a way in which society is able to accomplish more feats such as multitasking, being entertained, and learning.

“Technology has made great progress in the educational field and has come a long way in a short amount of time,” stated Franklin Rice.

Now more than ever the number of children who use technology such as computers, phones, iPods, and iPads is increasing.

Studies by the Kaiser Family Foundation and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government have found that 9 in 10 children from the ages of 5-17 use some type of technology daily.

Certain types of technology, such as iPads, have progressively become more useful as apps for education are created.

Many students with disabilities have found that learning on an iPad by playing educational games increases their ability to retain information.

Schools for children with disabilities have begun to expose their students to technology earlier on in life and have noted very good results.

“Rather than for entertainment related purposes, children with disabilities can use technology to gain opportunities they might not have had otherwise,” continued Rice.

Technology for some of these kids is the best, sometimes only, way they can learn and preserve information.

Unlike most kids, technology is special and important to these children. Technology has improved the lives of millions of children and will continue to do so.

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