Since the risks of electronic cigarettes have been brought to light, many are beginning to turn towards vaping essential oils.
Since the risks of electronic cigarettes have been brought to light, many are beginning to turn towards vaping essential oils.
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The chaos in the calm

Vaping. The invention originally created to help adults quit smoking has become an epidemic that youth and adults alike are familiar with. Some may even say that, due to its popularity among teenagers, it has become a trend.

Evidently, steps have been taken in an effort to curb the use of such nicotine-delivery devices. Schools give talks to concerned parents about their effects, warnings pop up on popular sites like Instagram or Snapchat to inform large audiences of the dangers they pose, new articles are published continuously about illnesses and fatalities connected to the devices, the list goes on.

Essential oils. These scented substances are often associated with relaxation, rejuvenation, and health. 

Some can clear your complexion; others can enhance your focus. As a result, yoga instructors and “health gurus” alike have endorsed them. Some have even gone so far as to inhale vape pens filled with essential oils inside to promote an even healthier lifestyle.  

In turn, new ads have begun to pop up in browsers. Businesses like MONQ have amassed large amounts of followers on social media where they promote their personal diffusers and other forms of aromatherapy. 

The lack of nicotine and the addition of essential oils makes these products safe and can promote a healthier, happy way of living, or so they claim on their website.

Unfortunately, these products are not as beneficial as they seem. Despite the lack of nicotine, compounds in the oils themselves can produce disastrous effects.

To read more about this new trend and its potential dangers, scroll below.

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    Dipankar SenFeb 23, 2020 at 2:06 pm

    Very timely and well-written write up on the ill effects of vaping. Well done young ladies.