The daily distractions that haunt us all

After the final bell has rung to end the school day and a student has returned to their home, they are faced with a variety of things to do.

After looking each way, a student has to decide between watching a favorite TV show, texting friends, or doing an abundance of homework that has already been put off.

Although a student may have homework and other responsibilities to finish before the following day, there is plenty of time to get things done.

There are a series of distractions after school that dissipate the time that students have to get things done.

From a TV to a cell phone, a student has an abundance of items to get distracted by, which severely cuts into the time that they have to finish all of their responsibilities. Many students find themselves lacking time to finish all of their work, since they wasted most of their time on distractions.

Junior Talon Bartolo said, “I do my homework right after school in the library or in one of my classes. I know that if I take my homework home then I won’t end up doing it because there are so many more fun things to do than my homework.”

Some students complain about not having enough time to sleep, but part of that problem may be self inflicted. With over 7 hours of time after school until a student should go to bed to get more than enough sleep, that leaves plenty of time to do homework, but many students still have trouble finishing all of their work and still get a good nights sleep.

Not only is time wasted from electronic distractions, but many students have physical activities after school.

Junior Jack Tilly said, “I golf pretty much everyday after school so I have to make sure that I stay focused when I get home or else I won’t have enough time at all to do my homework.”

All of the time adds up that students are distracted from their work and many students believe that they have a lot more time to do their homework than they actually do.

Many students face the same problem as Bartolo and are unable to concentrate at home, since there are so many things to do.

In a survey, 53 percent of students say they get distracted by TV and 36 percent of students get distracted by their phones, which are the two leading distractors of students after school.

Some students are interested in current news and some are interested in video games, but many students find themselves unable to work.

Many things around the home of a student look more interesting than homework, which is causing the problem and holding students off task.