Track team takes PAL trials


Pole vaulting continues to be a challenge among Carlmont track athletes.

Tara Shahrvini, Staff Writer

The Carlmont track team has mixed feelings about how they will do after trials for the PAL championships that took place on May 10.

The varsity team has performed well for the majority of the season, and most feel confident going into championships. Senior James Schulte, a varsity runner said, “I think we did well. As far as I know everyone on varsity advanced to PALs. I was unable to run in PALs last year due to an injury, so this year it will mean a lot to me because it’s my last chance to bring home a victory for Carlmont.”

Although the varsity team is looking forward to championships, some members of the junior varsity team are not. Sophomore Angelo Zhau said, “I’m disappointed. The pole vaulters, including myself, were not ready. We haven’t really been as prepared as other events this season. I think it’s because the coaches aren’t that strong in vaulting. Next year, Coach Brent is coming back to help us because he has a lot of experience with it.” Pole vaulting is one of the most challenging field events, and often coaches have not mastered the proper technique.

Despite the palpable emotions present at PAL trials, many are hopeful of success at PAL championships. Sophomore Lauren Schmall said, “A lot of people reflect after trials and focus on what they did wrong. I, on the other hand, could not stop thinking about everything we did right. Even though a small number of people came to cheer us on, we were proud Scots.”

All of the afternoon practices, painful drills, and extra laps are paying off. Runners are excited, anxious, and glad to be representing Carlmont at championships.

Some students are even planning ahead for next year’s season. Zhau said, “With more vaulters next year and an experienced vaulting coach, I think we could do very well. I know a lot of people heard how much fun this year has been and are joining next year. Hopefully, with a larger team we will do even better than we will this year.”

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