The new era of April Fools


Aprils fools may not just be all jokes.

Mia Hogan, Staff Writer

“When I bit into that spicy Oreo, I knew it was an April Fool’s Day joke.”

Sophomore Alex Singer, who bit into that cookie, never expected to be tricked by her mother.

Aprils fools may not just be all jokes.
Aprils fools may not just be all jokes.

Dating back to 1562, All Fools’ Day became a tradition with an everlasting impact. This day was set aside for playing harmless pranks on neighbors and soon became universal.

When Pope Gregory introduced the new calendar marking the new year on Jan. 1, some did not follow these changes and continued to  celebrated the new year on April 1. Locals played tricks on those who celebrated the new year in April and called them ‘April fools’.    

Staring in 1817, April Fools’ Day became the new name for the holiday.

This year, students had a wide variety of experiences ranging from a regular day, or a day full of practical jokes, and possibly a chance at love.

Sophomore Davis Schmitt said, “I think April Fools’ Day is more for middle schoolers. This year nothing special happened.”

For some Carlmont students, April Fools’ was just an ordinary day with nothing special and no surprises.

Known as the day of jokes, April 1 makes it easy to tell that special someone true feelings. If rejected, there is always the April Fools’ card to play and pretend nothing happened.

“April 1 is a day when more confessions come out than lies or pranks. Usually the tricks and jokes told are heart-felt. The confessions admitted are things the ‘pranker’ does not feel comfortable admitting on normal days,” said sophomore Kelly Song.

With confessions of love on April Fools’, some are left confused.

Singer said, “If someone told me they liked me on April 1, I would not be able to tell he was being serious or just playing a joke on me.”

For some the day of the pranks leaves students on their toes ready for whatever might come around the corner.

Sophomore Claire Grundig said, “I was in the bathroom doing my hair in the morning when I saw my sister in the mirror opening the bathroom door. I ignored her and continued with my business. When I finished, I walked to the door and found a puddle of water by it. Looking up I saw a cup of water on top of the door. Luckily I caught that prank before I became soaking wet.”

After over 500 years of celebrating, this monumental day will continue on for more years.