The off season: trades, free agents, and trades

Tight end Jimmy Graham Moves to Seattle in shocking trade.

Tight end Jimmy Graham Moves to Seattle in shocking trade.

The end of the 2014-15 NFL season led to the start of off season transactions.

Several shockers took place already, such as LeSean McCoy.

The Philadelphia Eagles traded away McCoy to the Buffalo Bills in return for linebacker Kiko Alonso.

There is no other explanation for the trade other than the Eagles wanting a fresh start without McCoy, who had an impressive 1,319 rushing yards along with five touchdowns.

This was not the end of Philadelphia’s off season moves as they traded away quarterback Nick Foles, and a fourth and second-round draft pick to the St. Louis Rams for quarterback Sam Bradford and a fifth-round draft pick.

I cannot explain how or why this trade was made.

Foles did not do bad throwing for 2,163 yards and 13 touchdowns in an 8 game injury-shortened season, and is set to come back next season.

Bradford has played only seven games over the past two seasons due to devastating knee injuries, and is set to make $13 million next year as opposed to Foles’ $1.52 million, clearly Eagles just wanted Foles gone.

Another surprising move was New Orleans Saint’s tight end Jimmy Graham and a fourth-round draft pick to the Seattle Seahawks for a first-round pick and center Max Unger.

This is the most surprising and most effective trade made this off season so far.

The Seahawks, who are already one of the most dominant teams in the NFL, if anything need a number one option for Russell Wilson to throw to, and they just got the best tight end in the league.

New Orleans did get a solid center Unger, but they just made the Seahawks an even bigger powerhouse.

Along with the trades were some notable players testing the free agency.

The Miami Dolphins finalized their $114 million contract with Pro Bowl defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. He officially became the highest-paid defensive player in NFL history, surpassing J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans.

Frank Gore San Francisco 49ers’ running back for 10 season has made his departure to the Indianapolis Colts.

It’s tough to see Gore go. He was the engine of the Niners’ offense for years, but who can blame him for leaving an already decaying San Francisco franchise, who didn’t even make it to the postseason last year, with their future not looking too bright.

You just never know what you’re going to get in the NFL off season.