Tuesday’s girls basketball games nonexistent

Carlmont gymnasium

Carlmont gymnasium

Claudia Leist, Highlander Editor

After getting pumped up for Tuesday’s game against Mills High School, the girls varsity team was aggravated to hear the game was cancelled.
Mills’ gymnasium and theater complex has been completely demolished and a 12.2 million dollar renovation process is underway.  Because of this, the games originally scheduled to be held at Mills are being held at Peninsula High School in San Bruno.

According to Carlmont Athletic Director and P.E teacher Pat Smith, the game was cancelled due to a power outage at Peninsula. It is unclear as to why the power went out, but the location of the game was not able to be switched.

“It was inconvenient since our coach called practice when he found out about the cancellation, so it ruined everyone’s plans since nobody had their practice stuff. Some players didn’t have a way home to get their stuff so we were scrambling for workout clothes to play in. One player even showed up in running shorts,” said senior Noelani Zane.

Lucky for the boys teams, they hosted Mills at Carlmont for their games so they didn’t have to worry about the power outage or cancellation of games.

“It was horrible. I really wanted to play!” said sophomore Rachel Lum.

Luckily, there are two other games this week, Wednesday against Aragon High School and Friday’s quad game against Woodside High School.

Carlmont gymnasium