Two bones break his season


Brooke Buckley, Staff Writer

Senior and soccer player Theo Fedronic broke two bones last Tuesday night during his club soccer practice.

“Igot in a collision with the goalkeeper during a scrimmage,” said Fedronic

“Our keeper went up for a cross and landed on Theo’s legs after a diving save,” said teamate Jordan Kiss.

Fedronic broke his tibia and fibula. The tibia is parallel with the fibula and is typically the larger of the two bones between the knee and the ankle.

Sports injuries involving the tibia and fibula are typically caused by a twisting force.

Tibia and fibula breaks can cause seriously painful symptoms such as, inability to walk or bear weight on the leg, deformity or instability and, occasional loss of feeling in the foot.

In order to recover Fedronic has to wear a hard cast, and be on crutches for up to eight weeks.

“I don’t know the details yet because they haven’t told me. I think I’m not allowed to run for up to six months,” said Fedronic.

Fedronic plays center midfield and right wing for San Carlos Clash. Unfortunately, due to his injury his last season before college is over.

“We lost a lot of depth in the midfield and our first games without Theo definately showed that he was an integral part of our offense and will be missed,” said Kiss.

Teammate Jake Retchless said, “Theo is a key part to our team and with him out for the remainder of the season there are definitely gaps that will need to be filled by other players. He brings an aggressive aspect to our possession style game. He’s a workhorse on the field, and with him out we are going to have to work even harder as a team.”

“It is unfortunate that I’ve been playing soccer for 12 years without having a serious injury, and then I happen to get one right before my last year,” said Fedronic.

“I can’t imagine going through what Theo is going through. Not being able to play in what could be his last season of soccer ever. The team is going to miss the character he brings to the field, he is a great teammate and a good leader. Even alongside of us we know he will be right there throughout the season as a crucial part of the team,” said Retchless.

Despite the injury Fedronic hopes to play intramural or club soccer at whatever college he attends.