Varsity basketball lacked stamina in loss against Mills


Lara Ostroff

Players fighting for the rebound in the final quarter of the game.

Energy and stamina lacked in Carlmont’s boys varsity basketball game against Mills on Wednesday, Jan. 28.

Wednesday night’s game ended in defeat, with Carlmont losing 24-45.

“Mills has a reputation of being a good team and playing fast-pace, and we weren’t ready to play against that,” said junior Kyle Ramos.

Carlmont’s lacked preparation against this fast-paced team was evident in the first quarter, when Mills started off with a 14 point lead, 5-19.

“We started out slow and lacked energy and didn’t play to our full potential. We could have played better,” said Ramos.

The second quarter left Carlmont behind with Mills’ increased point lead, 11-30.

Mills became more aggressive in the second quarter, which resulted in three fouls against Carlmont players in the span of five minutes.

Of the three fouls, two were against senior Joseph Rodriguez and one against junior Glenn Smyth.

“I don’t think the game went so well for Carlmont because we didn’t come out with enough energy. I don’t think there was enough energy because we went into the game thinking that it would be very hard to beat Mills, the number one team,” said junior John Hobbs.

The third quarter showed more energy than the first half of the game, partially due to sophomore Jacob Lloyd’s dedicated rebound retrieval.

The boosted energy did not, however, close the point gap between the two teams, and Carlmont lost the third quarter 13-39.

“Back to the energy thing, I personally don’t think I came out with as much intensity as I would have liked, but after halftime I tried my best to improve on that with good defense,” said Hobbs.

Defense and offense improved in the final quarter.

Mills scored only six points in the last quarter, a small sum compared to the 19 points they scored in the first.

Carlmont scored 11 points in the final quarter, six of those points scored by sophomore Jacob Lloyd.

“We didn’t do a good job of finding their shooters and we didn’t box out enough, so they were able to jump out to a lead early on in the game. The second half was better, but our shots just never fell,” said junior Andrew Carlsen.

Junior Mario Valenzuela scored last in the game, whose three-pointer closed the game at 24-45.