Varsity basketball sets the lineup

Sophomore Jacob Lloyd dunks the ball at practice.

Jiselle Vigil

Sophomore Jacob Lloyd dunks the ball at practice.

Jiselle Vigil, Staff Writer

The varsity basketball team held their first practice on Thursday, Nov. 19. This year, varsity head coach Pat Smith is having his team focus more on their defensive side.

“Last year the team lacked on their defense; they did not get low enough or put their hands up, and this year we are going to change that,” said Smith.

The team started off playing with their basic warm ups; dynamic stretching, ball-handling, and lay-up lines. The team goal this year is to at least make CCS, since they have not made it in three years.

“Since it is currently my last year of being a Carlmont Scot, it means a lot to my teammates and I to make CCS this year, even with a win or loss,” said senior John Hobbes.

This year’s team captain is junior Jacob Lloyd. Lloyd has been on varsity since he was a freshman, and has been improving his skills since then. As a team captain, Lloyd’s job is to make sure his team is focused and always in it to win it for every game.

“Being team captain takes a lot of responsibilit. Knowing that your team will hate you sometimes is worth it, because I will be pushing them over their limit and trying to make everyone a better player. I feel like my team picked me as team captain this year because they had a lot of faith in me to try to make this team better and they feel that I am responsible enough to take this amazing opportunity,”  said Lloyd.

This year the team is going to focus on their team philosophy, PRIDE, to get where they want to be.

P= Perserverance

R= Respect

I= Integrity

D= Dedication

E= Effort