Varsity girls lacrosse finishes season with a close game


Skylar Weiss

Junior Caroline Concilla cradles the ball and runs up the field.

Skylar Weiss, Staff Writer

Varsity girls lacrosse lost on May 3 to Notre Dame, San Jose in overtime. The score was 17-16.

When the game started, the Notre Dame Regents were slightly stronger than the Scots, scoring two goals within the first five minutes. The Scots managed a quick retaliation with a goal from senior Claire Wheeler.

At ten minutes in, the Scots ran the ball up the field, but Notre Dame took possession. However, when they attempted to clear the ball, junior Alyssa Fine intercepted the pass and scored, tying the game at 2-2. Fine scored again 24 seconds later when junior Caroline Concilla ran the ball up the field and passed it to her.

“I think overall we played super well. We lost in the very last few seconds, but we did an awesome job and it felt like a win,” said Fine.

By 13 minutes in, the Regents had scored four more goals; they had impressive speed in their offense.

Two minutes later, Concilla gained possession near the goal and scored. Within the next five minutes, Notre Dame scored three more times using accurate passes and successful catches. The score was 9-4.

Ten seconds after the Regents’ last goal, junior Lillian Gowen fired the ball at the goal and scored.

“We kept up our intensity throughout the entire game and played our best,” said Gowen.

Two minutes later, sophomore Lillian Diesh ran the ball 50 yards and passed to senior Megan Handley, who scored. Notre Dame scored once more, and the half finished at 10-6.

The Scots picked up a new sense of aggression coming into the second half. The first half had consisted of equal ball possession and speed, but unlucky shots from their side.

By six minutes into the second half, the Regents had scored once while Scots had scored four times. Carlmont began to add more pressure in the offense near Notre Dame’s goal, and doing so created several more attacking opportunities. Their goals were from Fine, Diesh, and senior Gabi Dimick. The score was 11-10.

Dimick sprinted with the ball up the field and passed to Gowen, who caught it and scored, tying the game at 11-11.

The Scots’ level of competition rose after they managed to tie up the score. They began to organize more quickly in the offense and play persistently in the defense, making it difficult for the Regents to create scoring opportunities.

By 11 minutes in, Carlmont’s aggression led them to pull ahead. Four goals were scored by Fine, Wheeler, and Handley, and two goals were scored by Notre Dame.

Notre Dame then scored twice within the next two minutes, tying the game once again at 15-15. Both teams were cheering on their players. After a brief time-out, Notre Dame quickly ran the ball up the field and scored a goal. The Scots were motivated to score once more before the game could end.

Fine scored with 45 seconds left in the game, tying it at 16-16. The teams moved into overtime, a three-minute period of sudden death.

Within 20 seconds, Notre Dame scored to clinch the win.

The game finished at 17-16. Despite the close loss, Carlmont was satisfied with their level of play and aggression.

“Losing a game is hard, but I’m really happy that this is one of my last lacrosse games that I’ll ever play because we gave it our all. I’m proud to see how much the team has grown,” said Dimick.