Varsity improves constancy against Panthers


Mackenzie O'Connell

Sirvastava keeps her team motivated on the court with a positive attitude.

Mackenzie O'Connell, Staff Writer

The Lady Scots tightened their shoe laces and their performance pulling together a win against the Burlingame Panthers.

On Sept. 27, Carlmont varsity volleyball turned their attitudes around after a hard loss to the Dons. The Scots worked together to carry out successful plays and gain a win against the Panthers.

Seniors Makenna Twissleman and Hannah Wright hit the floor diving for balls, saving points for the Scots. Twisselman motivated the team and kept them going throughout the course of the game. The Scots started the game with high energy with a 25-21 win.

“I think we played really hard but if we focus more in practice we will definitely execute our plays better. I see my team really improving from the side and the drills we run are carrying out in our games. I think we should have been able to take home a win in three games but we are coming together as a team,” said senior Roz Soheili.

Soheili observed the game from the bench as she is sidelined by a concussion.

As the second game began junior Sophie Srivastava blocked a series of hard hits earning the Lady Scots multiple points throughout the course of the game. Senior Ashley Maxwell and Srivastava remained unstoppable not allowing the ball to get to the other side of the court. The final set of the second set resulted in a 25-11 win for the lady Scots.

Once the third set started the Scots lost energy and were unable to block and save the Panthers hard hits. They began to lose constancy compared to the beginning of their game. The Scots suffered a 25-20 loss.

“I think we did really well but we did lack energy. We need to work on our confidence and keep going for balls even if were losing to starting winning sets in three sets rather than four,” junior Emma Vanoncini said,

With a 25-15 win over the Panthers, the Scots seem to be improving and tightening their performances in games.

Freshman Morgan McClellan said, “I think we really need to learn to fight harder when we start to get down. It will help us win more.”