Varsity serves a win in quarterfinals

Izzy Mitchell
The Scots win the fourth and final set, as senior Erin Alonso sits in astonishment. Emotions and excitement for the semifinals fill the gym.

Izzy Mitchell, Staff Writer

The Scots cannot be stopped.

Carlmont varsity volleyball defeated the Monte Vista Matadors in the Central Coast Section (CCS) in the quarterfinals, advancing to the semifinals.

Sweat, tears, and passion were seen on both sides of the courts. No one wanted this to be their last game. For Carlmont, their focus, determination, and love for each other led them to a win.

“We started off our games with a lot of energy. Aside from the end of the second game, we stayed really positive and focused, even when they were giving the runs. That helped us turn things around quickly to stay ahead,” said Carlmont varsity coach Chris Crader.

Both teams had ups and downs throughout the game, but as always, the team with the least amount of mistakes won. Monte Vista lost their concentration throughout the game, which gave Carlmont a lead in the individual sets.



Monte Vista varsity coach Colin Anderson said, “I think we can be more consistent with our passing. And our blocking wasn’t as strong. We had a few holes in our line. Carlmont has amazing hitters who exposed some of our faults. We didn’t take care of things that we needed to.”

The Scots won the first set 25-21, but lost the second to the Matadors 25-22. This did not stop Carlmont, and the team gained a win in the third 25-21. The Scots won the final match 25-19.

Alex Lay, Carlmont senior, had a shaky start at the beginning, but by the third set she smashed hits that the other team was unable to return. In multiple cases, her tips and sets threw off the Monte Vista players who had expected a hard hit.


Lay said, “It was a tough game for us because they are a really good team with amazing players. We really had to fight to pull out those three sets. They definitely earned all the points that they got. I have a lot of respect for them. I hope that in the future we can bring that fight into the semifinals.”

All the players showed the determination to win the game, whether it was on the court or on the bench. The girls cheered for each other and were accompanied by the Screamin’ Scots. The Screamin’ Scots filled the room with cheers and brought spirit to the players and the spectators.

At one point, the referee talked to Carlmont Principal Ralph Crame and Administrative Vice Principal Grant Steunenberg to quiet the Screamin’ Scots down. Prior to this, the referee did not allow Carlmont a point because two Screamin’ Scots had walked to the corner of the court bouncing a small ball.


In the past, overconfidence has brought Carlmont down. Since the game against Menlo Atherton on Oct. 8, Carlmont has improved greatly. Seniors stepped up and guided the younger players to feel more confident.

Captain Erin Alonso, a senior, said, “It’s all about by leading by example. On the court we keep a positive example. Even if we lose a point, we have to stay optimistic and focused. It was like the Menlo Atherton game, which was a close one, where each point mattered and the whole team knew that.”

Carlmont will play the Los Altos Eagles on Wednesday Nov. 18. The Eagles have a record of 28-7, while the Scots have a record of 26-28, according to MaxPreps.

“It gets really hard in the next round. We have to be even more consistent. If we do that then we have a chance,” said Crader.

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