Varsity volleyball continues its undefeated season


Mackenzie O'Connell

Alexis Morrow (7) and Mia Hogan (11) leap high as the they block a hit from The Panthers

Mackenzie O'Connell, Staff Writer

The Scots remained undefeated after they pulled through and took a close victory against the Burlingame Panthers.

On Tuesday, Oct. 6, Carlmont’s varsity volleyball team played a five-set match against Burlingame High School. The bleachers were filled with intensity and cheers as the Scots seized the victory in the final set of the match.

Sophomore Sophie Sirvastava said, “It was close but we pulled through in the end and came together to get a win.”

Carlmont immediately took the reins in the beginning of the match as they shut down Burlingame with a 25-11 win. Senior Alexis Morrow and sophomore Maya McClellan won the crowd and the set as they blocked and spiked, carrying the team to their first victory.

Sophomore Maya McClellan said, “Alexis was killing it with her blocks and hits, they were amazing as usual.”

The second set began with Burlingame in the lead, but the Scots did not give up. After coming from behind they earned another 25-20 win with the help of Morrow’s blocks and McClellan’s hits on the court.

During the third and fourth set, Carlmont went flat as Burlingame showed their strength with improved strategy in sending strong hits over the net. However, the Panthers lost momentum and were not able to achieve their goal of a win.

In the last set of the night, the two teams played neck and neck. Hits and blocks were exchanged across the net, but the Scots demonstrated their power, resulting in a 15-7 win. Seniors Elena Mateus and Erin Alonso dove for balls as the girls worked together to beat Burlingame and keep their undefeated title.

Chris Crader, the Carlmont varsity coach, said, “It’s always good to get a win.”