Where do you sit? Choir Room


Choir is one of those things where once you are in you can never get out.

To many outsiders, choir seems exclusive because choir members tend to be close to each other. The bond they share is formed during special choir tours, lunchtime practices, and after school rehearsals.

Some choir students go to the choir room to practice, hang out with their friends, and to be in a comfortable environment. The choir room is a place that many students go to be with their choir friends.

Vasily Provatakis, a sophomore at Carlmont and member of multiple choirs said, “When I hang out in the choir room sometimes I practice my sheet music, just chill, sit idle, run around yelling, or laughing. Mainly I just have fun.”

Outsiders see choir kids hanging out together most of the time, and especially at lunch in the choir room and don’t feel included because they are not members of a choir.

Carlmont sophomore Emma Lin, a non-choir student stated, “I have friends in choir and when they have to practice for events I’m not really included because I’m not in choir. I’m not excluded I’m just not in choir so I don’t get included.”

It is not that choir students exclude any other people, it is that non choir members aren’t going to attend choir activities.

Many current and former choir members argue that choir is the most inclusive group at Carlmont.

Sydney Salzman, a Carlmont sophomore and former choir member, said, “Choir is not a cult, people might think they are because they don’t really know what choir does but it was really welcoming and everyone was super nice.”

On a typical day, the choir room is filled with choir students at lunch and the choir room provides a welcoming environment for them to hang out in. Provatakis said, “It’s almost like a second home for me.”

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