Where do you sit? Senior Tables


The senior tables, as most Carlmont students know, are the picnic tables located on the grassy area between the football field and the quad, where many of the “popular” seniors sit at lunch.

Perhaps it is the sunny location, or maybe it is the convenience of being a stone’s throw away from the student store and the speedway, but there is an unspoken magnetism that lies in the senior tables.

It is no secret that these tables are reserved strictly for a certain group of seniors. Whether it is out of intimidation, or respect, juniors and lower classmen know better than to attempt to situate themselves there.

Scott Grogan-crane, a sophomore, commented, “There definitely seems to be a certain group that eats there now… They’re loud and sociable.”

The senior tables are undoubtedly a part of Carlmont culture. Similar to the senior parking lot, they are a special privilege for the seniors who get to eat there with their group of friends. They also offer something to look forward to for younger Carlmont students.

Grogan-Crane went on to say, “I’d like to eat there as a senior, it seems like a tradition.”

To some students, eating at the senior tables is simply not that important, but to others it is a status symbol, and a Carlmont custom.

Mikel Tapales-Magsino, a senior who enjoys lunch at the senior tables, added that, “It’s basically a privilege for the seniors. It always has been and always should be…even though not every senior gets to eat there, it’s not like we neglect anyone from doing so. We sit here by choice and some come and go. Others tend to sit up by C hall.”

Whether or not the senior tables are your desired lunchtime destination, incoming seniors will continue to claim this area as their own for years to come. Along with their own parking lot and their own trip, these tables will remain as one of the many perks of seniority.

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