Which cell phone plan should you have?

With several different types of phone services available, there is often a debate over which one is best.

At Carlmont, most students have either AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint as their cell phone carrier.

Each phone service offers something different, from different price ranges to different phones available.

There are also many different plans that come with each service, including an individual plan or a family plan. Since usually the students do not pay for their phones, parents will get family phone plans.

Cell phone plans can differ from amount of minutes, texting, and data. The three most popular carriers the price can range from $50 to nearly $200 a month.

There are many different cell phones students can get. They can either get the most basic cell phone or a smartphone, such as the iPhone 5, which range from free phones to $300 phones.

While it can be very costly, some have noted that it is difficult very to survive high school without a cell phone.

At Carlmont some teachers will text their students the night’s homework or students will use their smart phones to research things for school.

Students can recieve different texts such as reminders or assignments. However, this may cause worry for those students who do not have unlimited texting.

“I am charged 30 cents per text my teachers send me. I wish there were other methods,” said senior Jordi Vasquez.

On the other hand, there are plenty of students that are perfectly happy with their plans and enjoy the idea of teachers texting them their homework assignments.

“I really like my plan, and since I have unlimited texting, I find it very convienent when my teachers texts us information,” said senior Alexa Lopez.

Another problem is that many students are inconvenienced by the lack of service in certain areas.

“I am very unsatisfied with my cell phone service because I cannot always receive service, even in my own house. It is very annoying but there is nothing I can do because it is up to my parents,” said senior Brent Tom.

Similarly, some have noted that the lack of service has prevented them from completing their tasks.

“I like the fast speed of the 3G, however it is unstable sometimes. Also the reception is almost guaranteed bad in residences in the hills, thats where I need it most of the time, and it really bugs me,” said junior Leesan Kwok.

Student with a cell phone can obtain many tools to help assist them with homework or other activities. However there can be many downsides, such as a lack of reception and the high cost of certain phone plans.