Girls varsity soccer confident for upcoming season

Senior Alexa Zaino carries the ball in a possession drill.

Mackenzie O'Connell

Senior Alexa Zaino carries the ball in a possession drill.

Mackenzie O'Connell, Staff Writer

As the winter season approaches, the 2015-2016 girls varsity soccer team is hard at work to hone their game.

Sophomore Rhea Subramanian said, “There are more underclassman this year, but I don’t think that having more young players is a bad sign for how we’re going to play.”

The girls varsity team has refreshed itself with 14 new players this year filling in the spots left by the graduated seniors of 2015.

Head coach Tina Smith said, “This year we had 14 players graduate, and our previous coach Emily Cox will not be with us as much throughout the season, but from what I have seen I am impressed with how well they have been working together so far.”

As the girls sprint up and down the field with the soccer ball at their feet, they are learning to play well together as a team. Coach Smith’s main priority is for the players to develop as soccer players, but also have fun as team as they progress throughout the season.

Confident in their season, senior Amelia Armstrong said, “I think we will have a great season.We have a lot of new talent on the team that our coaches will help guide into our style of play. I am very confident about our season and I can’t wait to be on the field with these girls for the next few months.”

As the preseason begins Smith and assistant coach Lindsey Moynihan analyzes each player’s strengths as they she place each individual in positions to develop a strong lineup for the season.

Coach Smith said, “I haven’t seen our competition, but I think our new team will work hard and well together.”