Yoga Club provides a relaxing environment


Francesca D'Urzo

Sophomores Kenna Kwok and Sadie Somers stretch during one of Yoga Club’s after-school yoga sessions.

Francesca D'Urzo, Staff Writer

Despite being surrounded by the inevitable stress of high school, Yoga Club manages to provide a safe space for students to de-stress, build self-awareness, and learn about the importance of mental health– all while getting physical activity in the process.

Yoga Club President Iman Sarsour began the club at Carlmont in 2017 after embracing her passion for yoga and spreading awareness about the importance of individual wellness.

“I took my first yoga class in sixth grade, and I immediately fell in love with it. As high schoolers, it is extremely important that one takes the time to destress and relax amidst all of the fast-paced academic and extracurricular rigor,” Sarsour said. “I wanted to create a space where students can learn to manage this stress and their mental health.”

Within the first year of the club opening, Yoga Club has acquired over 20 active members and has established a bi-weekly club meeting schedule in order to spread their influence more efficiently.

At their Monday lunch meetings, the club invites a guest speaker to discuss and better educate their members about the significance of mental health, clean eating, deep breathing exercises, and more.

The club most recently invited a psychiatrist from Stanford Medicine to give a presentation about how to balance one’s mental health and well-being.

Yoga Club Vice President Soni Kanaya said, “The Monday lunch meetings are extremely beneficial for the students in that the guest speakers help promote and educate them about mental health awareness. The meetings are also a great way to receive input directly from the members so we can improve as a club.”

During their Wednesday after-school meetings, the club invites a professional yoga instructor to lead an hour-long yoga session focusing on relaxation, de-stressing, and building self-awareness.

Sophomore Kenna Kwok said, “I absolutely love Yoga Club’s after-school yoga sessions because they help me learn new ways to balance my mind and body. It has benefited me in that I get to learn new yoga poses, relax, and meet new people.”

Through their lunch meetings and yoga sessions, Yoga Club strives to spread awareness of the importance of mental health, relaxation, and overall physical activity.

“This club means so much to me because it is a way to share my passion for yoga and individual wellness with the school,” Sarsour said. “I think that it is crucial for one to appreciate and be aware of their own mind and body.”

To get involved in Yoga Club, attend one of their lunch meetings held every Monday in room S24 or attend their yoga sessions held every Wednesday after school from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the lobby of the S-wing.