Hope Brigade Club gives hope to cancer victims


Francesca D'Urzo

Hope Brigade Club President Cindy Chen demonstrates how to make cancer awareness bracelets to her club members.

Francesca D'Urzo, Staff Writer

Among Carlmont’s wide variety of clubs, Hope Brigade Club dedicates itself to spreading cancer awareness and positivity throughout the community, all while commemorating its initial upbringing.

Hope Brigade Club President Cindy Chen began the club in 2016, a year after losing her mother to blood cancer.

“I decided to start Hope Brigade because I wanted to find a way to bring more local awareness to cancer and help other cancer patients. I wanted to commemorate my mom through the club and through trying to help others,” Chen said.

Within the first year of the club opening, Hope Brigade has acquired over 45 dedicated members and has donated more than 50 toys, 40 activity kits, and 12 scarves to children battling cancer.

Francesca D’Urzo
Hope Brigade Club members gather at their regular Thursday lunch meeting in room S20 to learn about upcoming club events from President Cindy Chen.

Hope Brigade Club members are currently in the process of handmaking cancer awareness bracelets where each color bracelet represents a different type of cancer, such as pink for breast cancer.

Once the bracelets are finished, the club is planning to distribute them on and off campus in order to effectively spread more local cancer awareness.

“This activity allows us to spread awareness for the cause as a united club. The bracelets draw attention to the sheer magnitude of people that have been affected,” said sophomore Sarah Jolls.

Hope Brigade Club will also be holding their annual holiday toy drive in December where club members help collect toys to donate to the children fighting cancer at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital.

Additionally, the club will be holding another donation event in the spring where club members create activity kits for the children with cancer at Stanford’s Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital.

“This club is an amazing and welcoming place to go and help out with your community. It is extremely impactful in that our events allow our members to make a difference in someone’s life,” said Hope Brigade Vice President Logan Meadow.

Through their club meetings and events, Chen strives to embody and spread Hope Brigade’s core values of teamwork, perseverance, compassion towards others, and to enhance their members’ overall high school experience.

“The Hope Brigade Club is like a sherpa onesie to our community and Carlmont because we strive to give warmth, comfort, and love, all while promoting growth and happiness,” said Chen.

To get involved in Hope Brigade Club, attend their lunch meetings held every Thursday in room S20.