10 ways to have an enjoyable high school summer experience


Danielle Hamer

Don’t let the burden of school work get to you during the summer.

Danielle Hamer, Scot Scoop In Depth Editor

  1. Treat yo’ self by tasting all 31 Baskin Robbins ice cream flavors.

You may not have won a math award this year, but you can win the title of Most Accomplished Ice Cream Taster in America.

  1. Live on the edge — go barefoot rock climbing.

A thrilling activity! Nothing could go wrong.

  1. To stay trim, try the new summer diet that’s all the rage — watermelon and otter pops.

Your favorite summer treats, only now you can’t eat anything else. What could be so bad about drowning yourself in a constant stream of water and fruit flavors?

  1. Make it your mission to forget what the morning looks like.

Sleeping in is the best thing about summer — who cares if you spend half of it in bed? No need to go to the beach, take a camping trip, watch the sun rise, or do anything productive at all!

  1. Buy several new swimsuits two sizes too small in order to motivate yourself to get in shape before summer flies by.

The swimsuits will never fit and simply result in a lack of swimming throughout summer. How fun!

  1. Go to the beach, meet the love of your life, and unknowingly enroll at your fling’s high school for the next school year.

Also known as “stay in bed all day and watch “Grease” a million times until it seems like your own life.”

  1. Work at a posh country club with your closest friends, sing about your emotions, and win the entire talent show at the end of the summer (because, coincidentally, all of your friends are musically talented).

Also known as “stay in bed all day and watch movies part 2: ‘High School Musical’ edition.”

  1. Get a job scrubbing latrines at the Shoreline Amphitheater.

Everyone knows you have to get a cool summer job, anything to get some extra cash. It couldn’t be that bad, could it?

  1. Compose a detailed schedule of the summer homework assignments that you will do each day starting at the very beginning of summer.

You will promise to commit to it, until around the third day of summer when it falls into a dusty corner of your closet along with all of your winter clothes, never to be seen again.

  1. Complete the aforementioned summer homework in the last three days of summer.

There’s nothing like 36 hours of non-stop APUSH outlining to end the summer the right way!