4 things to do when you have the flu


Maddy Mercado

A student watches the news while recovering from the flu.

During the holidays, the flu spreads very quickly. The time spent recovering from the flu can quickly become boring. Here are some ideas to make your stay at home more enjoyable.

Binge-watch your favorite TV show

Binging shows is always fun, especially when you’re sick. Rewatching your favorite show from the beginning provides comfort and joy. If you want to branch out from your usual shows, reality shows are good options to binge at home. Dance Moms is an 8-season series about an elite competition dance team. It has a lot of drama, witty comebacks, and never fails to entertain.

Watch a movie

Movies also make time pass by faster. Getting hooked on the plot and eventually learning more about each character is an easy way to lose track of time. If you ever get bored of watching the same movie, some entertaining new movies are The School of Good and Evil and the Enola Holmes series, both on Netflix. Any classic Disney movie found on Disney+ also always creates a sense of comfort.

Take a shower

Showering when you’re sick is difficult for some people. However, the aftermath of a shower feels refreshing, and it’s always good to freshen up from the icky feeling you have when you’re sick. The steam from the hot water helps clear congestion in the nose and head. Taking the time to care for your hair, face, and skin benefits your physical and mental health as well.

Play games

Finally, playing any game is a good activity to pass the time. Whether it’s thinking games like sudoku or solitaire, a color game like nonograms, or Japanese color crosswords, everyone is bound to enjoy some type of game. Video games are another type of game that you could play. However, trying to limit your screen time is always beneficial, especially when you’re sick.