Spread the love this Valentine’s Day


Hannah Young

Approximately 196 million roses are sold each Valentine’s Day.

Hannah Young, Staff Writer

Has your Twitter feed been blown up with romantic memes yet? Can you smell the sweet scent of roses from the floral shop down the street? Are there chocolate stains on your pink sweater already?

The undeniable truth dawns upon us: Valentine’s Day is here. With it comes the whiny complains from desperate-for-a-relationship teenage girls.

Critics on debate.org claim Feb. 14 to be just another day for stores to mark up prices and gain huge revenues. According to the Advertising and Marketing Association, roughly $13.19 billion is spent on Valentine’s Day related expenses annually, but I don’t know anybody who would pass up the chocolate sales afterwards.

Valentine’s Day should be spent appreciating our loved ones, not desperately moaning about our single status on social media.

How many of your friends have already started the dreaded anti-Valentine campaign? Just because you are not in love this year does not mean nobody else is.

The Advertising and Marketing Association has reported in previous years that approximately 14 percent of all flowers sold are purchased by women for themselves. Girls, if this is not your year for roses, accept it graciously. There is no reason to relinquish your hold on your self-respect and dignity for the sake of faking your popularity.

Increasing your selfie posting rates is not going to increase the number of people who will be thinking of you on a day dedicated to love.

It is not single’s awareness day, it is Valentine’s Day. St. Valentine was a Roman priest who was sentenced to death for performing marriage ceremonies for young couples during a time where the emperor of Rome had forbidden it under the presumption that unmarried soldiers fought better than soldiers distracted by marriage. For centuries, St. Valentine’s advocacy for love has been celebrated with the exchange of gifts between lovers.

However, it does not have to end there. You do not need a lover to participate in the Valentine’s Day spirit. Instead of siting at home retweeting all the things you wish your imaginary boyfriend would do for you, share your love with the world.