A fight against tardies

A fight against tardies

Lauren Tierney, Staff Writer

Students are concerned about a new policy to combat tradies at school.

As of April 4, Carlmont Parents will receive phone calls home not only when their student has cut class, but when they are marked tardy during attendance at the beginning of each period.

12b-flagDepending on the way a parent has set up their Infinite Campus portal they will receive both calls and emails when their student arrives late to class. Administration hopes this new policy will keep students more likely to arrive to class on time.

The attendance phone call says, “This is a message from the attendance office at Carlmont high school. Your student ______ was marked tardy for the following periods _____.”

The Carlmont Administration was asked to make a statement about why they felt implementing this new policy would be affective, but they chose not to comment on the matter.

Many Carlmont students had similar opinions on the new policy.

Junior Sarah Anderson said, “I think that it’s unnecessary unless kids make it a daily thing because high school is suppose to be setting kids up for college and being independent and instead the school is somewhat ‘telling’ on them to their parents.”

Junior Jen Anthony said, “I think it’s unnecessary because there’s not much a parent can do about their child being tardy. It might decrease tardies in some cases, but in most cases I don’t think it will make a difference.”

Senior Lauren Howard said, “I think the new policy is ridiculous. It has already impacted my home life negatively since I’m late to my first period almost everyday.”

Many students feel this new policy is unnecessary and and will do more harm than good, but some see the policy’s effectiveness.

Junior Quinton Gachot said, “I think it will be effective to have kids come to class on time. But on the other hand sometimes kids need to talk to a teacher about why they are late and many have valid reasons.”

Sophomore Gabriella Lehr said, “With people now given a consequence for being tardy just once it will definitely help students work harder to be in class on time.”

If proven effective it will make life easier on teachers as they will not be the only ones nagging students to be in class on time.

History teacher Linda Garvey said, “I think it will only be as effective as the parent who receives the phone call is in disciplining his or her child.”

New consequences may help students work harder to get to class on time, but frustrates many students as they feel the call home is unreasonable.