A new teacher inspired by her father’s work

Lauren Tierney, Staff Writer

Kristin Robinson joined our Carlmont community this year to continue to pursue her passion for teaching math.

Her father has played a huge part in creating her passion for teaching students as he too was a teacher.

Robinson said, “My dad is a retired physics teacher. After I graduated college, I was doing substitution work for him and he gave me handouts that related math to baseball. I found that teaching can be very fun when you make it relevant and interesting.”

Robinson’s dad is very involved in the physics community, which has given her a lot of opportunity to attend exclusive events inspiring her to grow more as a teacher.

“I’ve gone to a lot of conferences for the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) through my dad, and I’ve gone to the link observatory and other exclusive events where you get to see satellites and many interesting things that aren’t open to the public.”

Robinson teaches a total of five periods; Algebra II Trig in the morning and Algebra I in the afternoon.

Robinson said, “I really enjoy working with people. I could never sit at a desk all day because I enjoy interacting with my students and seeing them progress and mature over time.”

Robinson admires the friendly and helpful environment here at Carlmont, but was also drawn to the area due to her family.

“It has been very nice, people have been very supportive, the students have been really positive and I like that everyone is helpful of other kids, especially students with special needs. The kids seem to support each other here,” said Robinson.

Powered by inspiration from her dad, Robinson brings new passion to the math community here at Carlmont.