A promising season ahead for JV volleyball


Lauren Tierney, Staff Writer

Thursday night’s comeback for the win against Hillsdale leaves the season looking hopeful for Carlmont JV volleyball.

The Lady Scots played their first home match against Hillsdale High School and lost their first game 23-25, only to come back winning two games in a row to take the match. The team found an inner strength pushing them to take the second and third game, 25-15 and 15-12.

Coach Taylor Cheung spoke hopefully of his team after the game stating, “My team has more potential to be amazing after four years than any team before, but it’s going to require harder work because we have more athletes with less experience.”

Last year the Carlmont JV volleyball team won the league for the first time in many years with the help of their coach, Cheung. The JV team has lost many sophomores and juniors, as they have been moved up to Varsity this year.

The team is still coached by Cheung, but this year has a very different dynamic of girls. The question is how will this affect the team and will the team be able to be as successful as last year?

Thursday night JV won their first home match against Hillsdale high school in three games. Down at the start of their first game Coach Cheung called a time out with the score 11-15.

Coming out of the time out the team seemed to have quickly turned on their “A” game with a kill by Brooke Miller. The playing began to come together quickly and the team transformed into a team much like last years.

It may have been a little late to turn on their game, but the team accepted their loss and pushed on through to the second game. Coming out stronger than ever the girls took the second game winning ahead ten points. Taking the game to three the Scots were down by four early in the third game, but were able to again persevere leading to their first league win.

Cheung said, “Every game is a learning experience and they [the players] have learned more in this match than other matches. They learned how to error on the aggressive side and that playing it safe will not win you games.”

Key player Veronica Eghdami stated her hopes for the team after the game: “I feel our team needs to improve defensively, but I look foward to going far with my team in the future.”

Although the team had a slow start to the game they came together to fight for their win in the end. Emotions were all over the place throughout the game, but the victory put a smile on each and everyone of the players faces at the end of the night. Leaving nothing, but high hopes for the JV volleyball team this year.

The team is still in a position to win league and follow in the same foot steps as last years team if the hard work is put in. In order to do so they must win majority if not all of their upcoming games this season.

A close eye is to be kept on Carlmont’s JV volleyball team this year. They may not be last years team, but they have shown to be a group of fighters, fighting for what is rightfully theirs.