A quickly served and great burger at Five Guys


Colley Loum

Five Guys serves a delicious cheeseburger.

Colley Loum, Staff Writer

Five Guys is a fast food chain that serves great burgers. Five Guys has multiple locations and I ate at the downtown Redwood City location, which is a great option for anyone who wants to grab a bite before a movie.

At Five Guys, I ordered a cheeseburger; when I ordered my cheeseburger, I got to choose the condiments for that burger. This enables each customer to create his or her own perfect burger.

My cheeseburger had two patties and a good amount of cheese in between both the patties. My burger also had all of the condiments I desired, which made it a great meal. The burgers were fully cooked, yet were still juicy and flavorful.

Despite just having cheeseburgers, The Five Guys menu offers a hamburger, bacon burger, and a bacon cheeseburger. All of these burgers have two patties, but Five Guys also offers burgers with only one patty. These burgers are called “Little Burgers.” The little burger menu is the same as the regular menu, except for the fact that they all have just one patty.

Five Guys also meets the needs of customers who do not desire a burger. The menu has a variety of hot dogs and even features a Kosher hot dog. In addition to hot dogs and burgers, Five Guys gives its customers the option of ordering sandwiches. The sandwich menu is perfect for vegetarians because the menu offers two different veggie sandwiches.

Despite having good food, Five Guys is a very fun place to eat. Inside, there are boxes of peanuts in which customers are able to take as many as they would like. When eating these peanuts, people just drop the shells on the ground. This fosters a fun and casual environment for everyone eating at Five Guys.

Five Guys is a great chain to quickly grab a burger and I would definitely eat there again.