A student who does more than most


Kamrin Choye participates in many different volunteering opportunities.

Sarah Boro, Highlander Editor

Who has time these days to finish homework, do chores, study for tests, and remain sane? Imagine adding a heaping load of volunteering into the monthly mix.

However, sophomore Kamrin Choye does all of the above while fulfilling her moral responsibility to the community.

Through Carlmont, Choye participates in VOICES, a volunteer group that helps the surrounding area and clean up the environment.

Choye said, “I am a part of VOICES, and what we do is meet every Monday night and host at least one service project each month.  We reach out to other organizations that are located here in Belmont, San Carlos, and all throughout the Bay Area.”

VOICES hosts events like gift wrapping in the Tenderloin, a part of San Francisco, volunteering and serving food at several food shelters, making blankets for newborn babies, organizing donation drives for active veterans, helping at the Annual Belmont Easter Egg Hunt, decorating and working the Annual Father-Daughter Sweetheart Dance in Belmont, picking up trash in parks and creeks, planting plants along the Bay, and teaching kids proper bike and traffic safety.

Choye said, “What motivates me to volunteer is seeing how I directly affect and impact the community.”

What sets Choye apart from the average Carlmont volunteer is that her dedication reaches beyond Carlmont clubs.

“Seeing how grateful and appreciative people are whenever and wherever we volunteer makes it all worthwhile. I love helping others and I think it’s so important to find time in our busy schedules to give back,” said Choye.

This kind of attitude reflects on Choye’s exuberant personality, as portrayed by her friends.

Choye said, “I strongly encourage all high schoolers (and even middle schoolers) to volunteer or get involved in their community in some way. Volunteering can be an eye-opening experience at times and one can learn so much from it.”

In general, volunteering opportunities are offered everywhere locally, but few take it upon themselves to help the community and make a long lasting impact on society.

“To me, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone smile and knowing that I caused it,” said Choye.

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