A weekend for relaxation and appreciation

Alyssa Fagel, Highlander Editor

In honor of President’s Day, students of Carlmont High School are receiving a four-day weekend between Feb. 14 and Feb. 17.

For some students, this means endless sleep and relaxation, while for others it means vacationing with family and friends. There is no short of activities that can take place this upcoming weekend.

Sophomore Ella Reich said, “[Feb. 13] I’m going to the Imagine Dragons concert and on [Feb. 15] I’m going to the city for the Chinese New Year parade. Then we’re staying the night and going shopping in the morning

Sophomore Cheyenne Torres said, “I’m babysitting my little brother because my parents are going out of town for their anniversary.”

President’s Day has been celebrated nationwide since 1885, and was initially called “Washington’s Birthday.” It is regarded as a federal holiday, meaning government employees and other state workers are given the day off.

Reich said, “[On Feb. 17] my mom doesn’t have work so we’ll probably do something as a family like we usually do on her days off.”

Not only will students be honoring the presidents this weekend, but they will also be celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Torres said, “When I don’t have to babysit my brother is when I’m out to dinner with my boyfriend.”

Reich said, “Since [my friend] Claire and I don’t have valentines, we’re going to go see Endless Love tomorrow.”

But this upcoming four-day weekend comes with downsides for some students.

Junior Brittany Zelnik said, “I’m so excited for the break, but it’s going to be really hard to remember all of my school material when I get back. I’ll probably have to do some studying over break.”

Sophomore Matt Hong said, “I have to type my chemistry lab report this weekend, which I’m not looking forward to.”

President’s Day and Valentine’s Day are two holidays that have been honored for over 100 years. With both taking place over this four-day weekend, students have prepared to spend their time in relaxation, on vacation, and for some, with that special someone.

And while four days off of school can be hard once it’s over, it can also be very enjoyable while it is happening.