Addicting app craze continues


100 Balls starts off with the transparent cups and 100 yellow balls.

Kimiko Okumura, Highlander Editor

Smartphone apps have become addicting, simple and a great time waster. Since the Flappy Bird craze has died, the app 100 Balls has taken over the number one spot in the Apple App Store.

Developer Giedrius Talzunas released the game on April 17, 2014 for iOS but has not made it available for Android. Since the game was published, it has acquired a rating of four and a half stars.

The app starts with 100 yellow balls and cups on a conveyor belt. The user taps open a gate that releases the balls to fill up the cups as they pass by.

If the user misses the cup, the balls roll away. If a cup is not filled with at least one ball after a full rotation around the conveyor belt, the cup falls off.

“It’s fun trying to time it perfectly to get as many balls as I can in the cups without losing any,” said sophomore Clara Romani.

The user receives one point for every yellow ball that drops into the cup. As the game progresses, the cups will change to green, blue, purple, and red.

When the balls drop into the different colored cups, the color of the ball will change to correspond with the cup. Green balls become two points, blue balls are three, purple balls are four, and red balls are five.

“It was addicting at first, but there is only one version or mode of the game, so it got boring for me,” said freshman Stuart Vickery.

As the user obtains more points the cups will start speeding up. A copy of the game developed by a different company is available for free in Google Play, still called 100 Balls.

“I like that there hasn’t been a game like this in the App store. It’s super original and easy to play,” said sophomore Kayla Fong.