‘Akame ga Kill’ tears out audience’s heart



The main characters of “Akame ga Kill” are the members of Night Raid, assassins with a goal to end the sins staining their kingdom.

Karen Gao, Staff Writer

The epic and devastating finale of “Akame ga Kill” brought viewers to tears, as they felt the pain and sorrow the characters went through.

In this series, young Tatsumi travels to the kingdom’s capital in order to save his village. After witnessing the government corruption firsthand, he is recruited by the assassin group Night Raid, whose goal is to purge the capital of its corruption.

The members of both Night Raid and the military use ancient weapons known as Imperial Arms which grant capable wielders amazing powers.

From the start, Tatsumi finds a place with the members of Night Raid, especially with the young girl Akame whose skills far surpass his own.

He is then trained to become a killer, and the bonds he makes with this group bring them together as comrades and family.

Between assassination missions, the characters develop as each of their tragic back-stories and pasts are revealed over time.

Despite the fact that the Night Raid members admit to being murderers, the audience cannot see fault in them, as they all have suffered tragedies and wish to bring peace to the kingdom. They only kill the corrupt elites, and they take missions to help the innocent.

The relationships between characters deepen as Tatsumi is forced to accept the deaths of many of his friends. He swears never to allow himself or his friends to be killed.

This is emphasized by the members’ reactions to the first death that occurs in the ranks of Night Raid. Tatsumi comforts another character Akame, promising not to make her suffer with his death.

Through his time in Night Raid, his goal changes from saving his village to stopping the corruption and preventing the deaths of the rest of Night Raid.

However, Tatsumi faces difficulties as the line between good and evil blurs, and he realizes the different reasons and motivations for his enemies working for the capital.

Despite his wavering confidence, Tatsumi stands firm with his belief in Night Raid’s goal of peace, and he battles until the end for the sake of ridding the capital of its corruption.

The storyline, characters, themes, and development were outstanding, with the series’ only flaw being that the ending was different from that of the original manga.

5 / 5 stars