All are welcome at Playlist Club


Nyah Dompier-Norrbom

Freshmen, Isabella Peterson (left), and Tori Balsam-Ashling (right), laugh about an old song that was being played.

Nyah Dompier-Norrbom, Staff Writer

The Playlist Club is a way for students to bond over new and old music alike.

Newly founded, the club is open to all who want to share music, relax, and meet new people.

Supporting the Playlist Club are friends of Isabella Peterson and Tori Balsam-Ashling, both freshman and the club founders. Going into freshman year, they looked over the club list and realized there was no club like theirs.

Around 11 students come regularly. They band together the first and third Wednesday of the month in room S22. For the time being, the club is just a close group of friends that hope to get more people to join.

“They’re my friends and I want to support them, and I want to see where this goes,” said Lucas Eden, a freshman.

According to the club leaders, they hope for their club to be a free judgment zone. Nobody will question any loud or soulful singing.

Peterson was the first to suggest the idea to her friend. Once they had agreed upon what the club was going to be about, they put it into action.

“Music is another way to express yourself, it’s a universal way to connect with others,” Peterson said.

Peterson and Balsam-Ashling are co-leading the club that they say is just a casual place. Both were nervous to start the club because they thought no one would come. However, they were pleasantly surprised at their attendance numbers and the number of students coming back each time.

“We just hang out and do nothing, and it’s really fun. It’s nice to just have a time to chill out during school,” said Danielle Courtney, a freshman.

The club is always looking for new perspectives on songs and music in general as well as different genres.

Currently, the club plays mostly alternative music, but will also shift more toward different holiday music as the year progresses.

After every meeting, Peterson and Balsam-Ashling compose a playlist out of suggested songs. New songs are added every month using Spotify. Doing this allows them to share their songs with the whole club.

If interested in the playlist, click below.


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