An athlete on the rise


Brandon Magpayo action shot.

Jocelyn Moran, Social Media Team

The passion for soccer is the key factor that motivates junior Brandon Magpayo to want to become a professional soccer player.

Magpayo was born in Portugal and moved to the United States at the age of four. He started playing soccer at the age of three, and from then on realized he had a passion for soccer. “My love for soccer is what motivates me to want to become a professional soccer player,” said Magpayo.

Brandon Magpayo action shot.
Brandon Magpayo action shot.

During the summer of last year, Magpayo decided to do a trial for a European soccer team, Benfica.

“Doing the trial was a good experience because it was something new. Soccer in Europe is a lot different than here,” said Magpayo.

As a result of his dedication to soccer, Magpayo was able to play for Carlmont’s varsity soccer team as a sophomore. Junior Parsa Padidar said, “He’s the best junior soccer player. There’s not anyone really close to him.”

Because of Magpayo’s goal to become a professional soccer player, he decided to leave Carlmont’s varsity team, and join De Anza Force Academy.

“I decided to join De Anza Force Academy because it’s a good way to get to college, and get scholarships,” said Magpayo.

Sophomore John Bran said “I think Brandon made a good decision by joining an academy because it will get him many opportunities.”

Between AP classes and soccer, Magpayo is still able to maintain his GPA at a 4.2. “Time management, and staying up late helps keep my grades up.”

Junior James Pak said, “From what I’ve heard, he is a talented and extremely skilled soccer player. He’s always willing to help me out if I need help in AP Spanish. He’s going to go places.”

Junior Daryush Shahid said, “As soon as Brandon gets the ball, there’s an impact in the game. He always makes something happen when he gets a first touch on the ball.”

Not only do his classmates see him as a talented athlete, but also as a humble person. “Brandon is always super nice, very funny, and always really easy to get along with. He’s a great soccer player, and I really respect him,” said junior Raine Kerhin.

Shahid said, “He’s a laid back and chill guy, and always nice to be around.”

Because of his trial in Europe, Magpayo is more confident that he will become a professional soccer player. “Playing soccer in Europe is definitely an accomplishment I’m proud of. I’m pretty confident that I can become a professional soccer player.” said Magpayo.

Magpayo said, “After high school, I plan on playing soccer for college, and in five years, hopefully I will be playing in Portugal because I’m Portuguese and I love my country.”