An athletic triple threat


Photo provided by Megan Olazar

Sophomore Megan Olazar in a varsity basketball game.

Hana Wong, Staff Writer

It’s hard enough being a full time high school student, especially while playing an after school sport. But, imagine being a full time student while playing three different sports.

Sophomore Megan Olazar is passionate about the three sports she has chosen to play before, during, and possibly after her Carlmont years.

“For basketball, I’ve been playing it since I was in the first grade so I just stuck with it, lacrosse I started in the fifth grade because my friend suggested it to me. I just wanted to try something new for freshman year, so I picked water polo,” said Olazar.

Olazar has been on the varsity team for the girls water polo, basketball, and lacrosse teams. For water polo, Olazar is occasionally the center, but generally plays the left or right wing position. Olazar switches between the center and forward positions for basketball. For lacrosse, Olazar plays center middle position.

“It’s hard to choose, but my favorite is probably lacrosse because I feel that I can preform the best in it, and it doesn’t feel demanding when I’m playing it,” said Olazar.

Olazar tries to stay relax throughout the sports seasons in order for her to not to get too stressed out.

“Megan always has a really good work ethnic in practice and it exudes off on to everyone else on the team,” said basketball team mate sophomore Cameron Kondo.

By doing so, Olazar tries to stay as positive as she can and tries to motivate herself and her team mates when at practice or in a game.

“When you see Megan in practice or in a game, you can tell she’s really passionate about the sport. She’s always sets off a good vibe and brings lots of energy everyday,” said lacrosse team mate sophomore Nour Zabaneh.

It’s the same vibe set off from Olazar in the water.

“Megan is a player who is always positive in and out of the pool. She is a great member of the team, because you can count on her to make the best plays,” said water polo team mate junior Gabi Dimick.

Olazar hopes that if she works hard enough, she may get recruited by a college for any one of the sports she plays.

“I think the sport I have the best chance at for playing in college is lacrosse,” said Olazar.

While in her off season from high school teams, Olazar tries to get involved in club teams. During the summer, Olazar does summer league until the Carlmont season starts.

Olazar is excited to see what her future will be like with her athletics will helping her.

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