An introduction to the freshman experience

Three freshmen from the freshman leadership class speak in front of an audience.

Josie Wescott

Three freshmen from the freshman leadership class speak in front of an audience.

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The freshman meeting in the ASB room discussed potential plans for this year’s homecoming float.

Every year, each grade designs and constructs a float to display during halftime at the homecoming football game. The floats pertain to a general theme of the homecoming dance. This year’s theme is “The Future,” so each student body must make a float that relates to the future while also representing their class as a whole.

The class of 2023 is excited to take part in their first big event with the school. Homecoming week with the football game and dance is a vast new high school experience that many have been looking forward to for a while. The freshmen taking leadership class ran the meeting, and others contributed their ideas for the float.

In the meeting, the group discussed two main ideas for the float, and three freshmen took charge of the debate.

The freshman class president, Noah Braunstein, is very passionate about helping his fellow freshmen get involved at Carlmont.

“One of the main priorities I pledged when I ran was to get as much of my freshmen class involved as possible. I have been making an effort to reach out to everyone and to find out what their interests and priorities are. I want everyone to feel involved and a part of something here,” Braunstein said.

Another freshman, Sam Kosman, shared why she wants to get involved in making the freshman homecoming float and the other freshman activities this year.

“I have always heard how beneficial it is to get involved with Carlmont, and I feel like homecoming is a good way to start,” Kosman said.

Along with the creation of their homecoming float, the freshmen have other plans to get involved throughout the school year. Braunstein is trying to create more publicity for ASB, therefore allowing first-year students to step out of their comfort zones and participate in more school facilitated events.

“I have heard fellow freshmen say they want us to have class activities that range from movie nights to video game tournaments to community service. I really look forward to making these types of events happen for everyone,” Braunstein said.