Annual rose sale spreads love throughout the halls


Roses are the classic red color and will be delivered to students during their third period class.

Maya O'Sullivan, Staff Writer

Paper hearts and bouquets of roses fill every store in anticipation of Valentine’s Day.

Students can show their appreciation and buy roses for their friends, teachers, and significant others. This annual sale provides an opportunity for students to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a Carlmont community.  

Sophomore class vice president Rachel Amir Chatman said, “One of the main purposes of this event is to give students an opportunity to show their appreciation for their friends and significant others in a fun and easy way.”

The rose sale began on Feb. 5 and will end on Feb. 13. A single red rose costs $1, while a bouquet of 12 costs $10.

ASB started planning all of the events for the second semester over winter break; however, they started focusing solely on the rose sale about two weeks ago.

Based on previous years’ sales, ASB is expecting about 500 orders.

While the roses are usually bought from nurseries in Half Moon Bay, this year, due to more affordable prices, the roses will be bought from Costco. ASB will buy the roses closer to Valentine’s Day, around Feb. 11, to preserve the freshness.

Sophomore class president Joe Sison said, “Traditionally the rose sale is a fundraiser; [however] stores tend to increase their prices during Valentine’s day to capitalize on high demand. [ASB] is selling just enough to cover costs.”

With the addition of new classrooms in the S Hall this past year, students can purchase roses there, as well as C hall and the quad.

Posters are scattered throughout the halls to inform students about this sale and encourage them to participate.

While the rose sale is an annual occurrence, similar sales such as Holiday Grams during Christmas time occur multiple times throughout the year. However, the rose sale differs from the rest because as well as a note from a fellow student, the recipient also receives a fresh red rose.

Sophomore Morgan McClellan said, “I love this sale because I get to show my friends that I love them and it gets you in the spirit for Valentine’s Day.”