Holiday season brings holiday grams


Samantha Chu

Ava Brückner-Kockel, a sophomore, writes a kind note on a holiday gram for her friend.

Samantha Chu , Managing Editor

It’s that time of year again.

Lights hanging outside of buildings shine brightly in the night sky, Christmas music starts playing in every restaurant, and people rush to stores to do their gift shopping.

It’s officially the holiday season, and with the holiday season comes holiday grams for Carlmont.

ASB holds a holiday gram sale every year around the beginning of December to celebrate the holidays.

Kyle Dimick, the junior class vice president who is also in charge of holiday grams this year, said, “The holiday spirit is about giving, and by doing the holiday grams, we [ASB] allow everyone [to have] the chance to give to someone else.”

This year, students can buy holiday grams for $1 during lunch in C hall from Dec. 4 to Dec. 14.

According to Dimick, getting a holiday gram is fairly easy for students.

Dimick said: “Holiday grams are cheap and easy to give … ASB does the delivery and wraps up the candy cane with a ribbon. The only thing that the students have to do to participate is pay $1, write a note, and put it in the box [at the holiday grams sale booth].”

Although the easy process may encourage students to buy a holiday gram, many use this event more as an opportunity to spread spirit throughout the school and to give a little something to their friends.

“I think holiday grams spread a lot of holiday cheer,” said Ava Brückner-Kockel, a sophomore. “It’s nice that I can give people a small gift to show that I’m thankful for their endless support.”

While students like Brückner-Kockel enjoy holiday grams because of its display of gratitude towards others and its holiday festivity, some students don’t plan on buying any this year.

A junior, who desires anonymity, said: “I don’t want to buy a lot of holiday grams and then leave someone out. It would be very unfair to them and they might assume that I purposely didn’t buy them one … I don’t plan on buying holiday grams because I don’t want to stir up any drama.”

However, many students still buy holiday grams and encourage others to do the same.

Brückner-Kockel said, “I think everyone should buy holiday grams because it can really brighten someone’s day.”