Applause for Gaga’s ‘ARTPOP’

Naomi Asrir, Art Team

American recording artist Lady Gaga released her third studio album, ‘ARTPOP,’ Nov. 11. Backed by Interscope records, Gaga unites with acclaimed producers to create an EP that redefines fame.

Collaborating with “Born This Way” producer DJ White Shadow, electro-house Zedd and nu-disco Madeon, it is no surprise that this album is one of the year’s most anticipated releases.

Lady Gaga's third studio album, 'ARTPOP.'
Lady Gaga’s third studio album, ‘ARTPOP.’

Gaga gives us beautiful, dirty, rich electro-based dance tracks.

“Aura” opens with Indian influences and demonic narrative, breaking into a fluid chorus. “Donatella” is a fierce tribute to Donatella Versace. The slowest track on the album, “Dope,” features solo piano and displays Gaga’s vocals beautifully.

“Applause” is the album’s star, and for good reason. Electro house beats and signature mantras have paparazzi wanting more. Elements throughout “Venus” keep fans engaged and save the song from being a technopop jumble.

American rappers Too $hort, Twista, and T.I. co-recorded “Jewels N’ Drugs.” Gaga’s sound mimics that of Oakland-based Kreayshawn and the three T’s prove they are capable of keeping up with the queen of pop in their quick verses.

Although one of the album’s most popular tracks, “Do What U Want” is eh eh. Contribution from “Ignition” legend R. Kelly is disappointing. Fortunately, the mellow pre-chorus adds an element of surprise and works well as a transition from the upbeat first verse.

In contrast to Gaga’s previous albums, ‘ARTPOP’ will keep fans just dancing on the floor long after midnight.