ASB begins difficult task of prom planning


Melanie Hamaguchi, Staff Writer

While Carlmont’s 2014 prom is more than three weeks away, ASB has already begun working hard on preparing for this traditional high school event.

This year Carlmont’s prom, “Cirque de la Lune”, will be held on April 26. In order to host this large annual event, ASB is working hard on preparing the details and larger aspects of the prom.


One of ASB’s most important tasks when planning for prom is picking a theme and a name for the event. The importance of the theme in regards to the vibe and interest of the event makes this decision difficult.

“We wanted it to be circus themed so we based it off of Cirque de Soleil,” said ASB officer Megan Guillermo.

Cirque de Soleil is a large theatrical entertainment company that features choreographed circus style performances from acrobats and other skilled performers. The prom will be held at night time resulting in its name being “Cirque de la Lune”.

“We are [making] a lot of posters to get people excited about buying tickets,” said ASB dance commissioner Andrew Wach.

Another crucial task that ASB must complete is advertising for the prom. One of the factors that makes this event so special is that it is a fun social gathering event with lots of people in attendance. The posters are a crucial part of advertising as they can spread information by being placed in areas where people will see them. The posters can take a while to make due to the fact that each one is hand painted and drawn by ASB members.

Other crucial tasks include those concerning the organization and planning of the event.

“We contacted the venue and the DJ for the event,” said Guillermo.

The prom would be little without music or a place to host it. ASB members must go through the task of securing these important aspects of prom so that the event can happen at all. They must take into account costs and scheduling in order to make their decision.

ASB officers must make sure all these tasks are completed to the best of their abilities in order to make sure the prom goes along smoothly.

As the event’s date draws nearer it will be evident that ASB’s hard work will pay off in order to make this year’s prom a memorable experience for many students.